Max Jia
Leo Zhu
Tao Ou
Kin Lam
Tony Leung
Carrie Tian
Ken Oliveros
Derek Lam


 “It is our people that lead us to what we are today.”

We are passionate about design and helping our clients to solve their problems. Our unique inkmason culture and approach deliver promising results, satisfying each client’s specific needs.
Our team is full of highly experienced architects, designers and planners with profound design skills and rich backgrounds. We provide professional design consultancy and management service to our international clients in various business fields like commercial, hospitality, residential and industrial services. Our team believes that meeting each client’s specific project needs and requirements is the key business philosophy of Inkmason.
We love what we do, we enjoy every project we work on and we work closely as a team to deliver our best service. We work hard as a team, we support each other as a family, and we grow as a better team to provide better service as “Inkmasons”. It feels different to work with us.