“We believe it is utmost crucial to investigate and understand the human needs, and create a desirable environment which best satisfies people’s use. It is the harmony of human interactions and the built environment we deliver.”

Inkmason International is a leading architectural and interior design company in the industry. It is founded with a simple concept towards design – It is a best possible solution to all problems. Inkmason International offers a platform for young talents to create while delivering professional services to best satisfy our clients’ needs.

We see ourselves as “masons”, who practice their craftsmanship with solid teamwork, humble but professional. “Ink” is the authentic visual representation of our masons’ mentality and creative work to our clients’ requests. Henceforth, “Inkmason” represents our vision of design as a team of passionate and talented people.

We call ourselves “Inkmasons” with a purpose and a mission. We do not see ourselves as masters who create iconic buildings and cathedrals that needed to be well respected by admiration. We learn and understand the needs of the people and create a desirable environ ment to satisfy people’s use. We inspire people using

space and encourage harmonious interaction between

human activities and the built environment.

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