Tony Leung


Architecture, Senior Green Building Engineering, Sustainability
Academic Researcher, Seasonal Lecturer
Language: English, Chinese

Tony is a passionate architect and sustainability consultant with 8 years of experience in the academic and building industry. His expertises includes building performance simulation, indoor environment quality, field measurements, green building certification, sustainability design and retrofitting. As a seasonal academic researcher and lecturer, his professional skills and vision in design are well proven in his industry experience and publications. He is now helping our team to deliver innovative green building technologies and creative sustainability design solutions to clients.

Professional Qualifications:
CIB Chapter – Deakin University
Member of Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating (M.AIRAH)
Member of Golden Key International Honour Society
Member of Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA)

Personal Project References:
Teda MSD2
BAML Shanghai Azia Centre
Tangshan New World Centre
Nestlé Dairy Farm Institute

• Leung, Tony C.Y., Rajagopalan, Priyadarsini and Fuller, Robert (2013) Performance of a daylight guiding system in an office building, Solar energy, vol. 94, pp. 253-265, Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
• Rajagopalan, Priya and Leung, Tony C.Y. (2013) On the acoustic performance of a precast panel system made from environmentally sustainable concrete : application in sports hall buildings, Architectural science review, vol. 56, no. 2, pp. 118-130, Taylor & Francis, London, England.
• Rajagopalan, Priyadarsini and Leung, C. Y. Tony (2012) Progress on building energy labelling techniques, Advances in building energy research, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 61-80, Taylor & Francis, London, England
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• Leung, T. and Luther, Mark (2006) Predicting the acoustic performance of concert halls, in Skates, Henry (eds), ANZAScA 2005: Fabricating Sustainability: Proceedings of the 39th Architectural Science Association. Conference, pp. 1-8, School of Architecture & Design, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, N.Z.

Scholarship Awarded, The Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA), 2012
Scholarship Awarded, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS), 2010-2011

Master of Architecture, Deakin University Australia
Bachelor of Arts (Architecture), Deakin University Australia