Inkmason Office

Inkmason is a leading international team of architects and designers based in Beijing, China.


The project started when Inkmason International decided to set up an office in Beijing. Our designers established and confirmed a full project requirement through interviews with our team members. The goal is to create a work place that is flexible, functional and sustainable.


After considering a range of locations, the team has decided on a building in Tuanjiehu area, in close proximity to Sanlitun retail district and just minutes away from the center of CBD within the Eastern Third ring road area. The building answers to all the requirements with its convenient location, flexible floor plate, and easy access from the business district whereby most of our clients are resided.


The office reflects the identity of Inkmason as a team of creative professionals providing services for international clients. During the design process, our designers challenged the definition of traditional office and explored different opportunities to inject new functions into those compulsory ones.For example, a meeting room can be transformed into an art gallery and exhibition space; a material library combines with a full function kitchen equipped with built-in fridge and oven; bookshelves that can be covered with full length canvas to become a blank wall for art work display. These are all integrated into the design with the purpose of making a lively work place.


When considering the use of color and materials, our designers combine traditions and technology. Since the office unit is located on the top northern floor of the 2 story building with large eastern and northern windows, black laminated timber flooring is used in the northern side of the office and track lights are installed at the southern walls, making the south “warmer” and “brighter”. This helps balancing the “chi” in the office. That’s also why the kitchen stove and oven are on the southern side of the office. To create a warmer welcome, polished recycled OS boards are used as the main finish.


The ancient Chinese Character for “Mason”, or “匠(Jiang)”, which inspires the Inkmason logo as their core value,is an character symbolizing a set of craftsman tools one can carry on his back inside a basket. To experience this embodiment of one’s life and experience, visitors and employees can see in display a collection of craftsman’s tools, vintage machinery and clocks. The space succeeds now as an open, collaborative working lab for creative design.

Inkmason Office