Chongyi Zhangyuan Investment Holding Office Building

In order to set an international standard of their upcoming expansion as a public listed corporation, the tungsten mining and manufacturing company, ZhangYuan Holding approached Inkmason for designing their new headquarter in JiangXi, ChongYi. It is a 10000 sqm building situated adjacent to the river Hengshui, and one of the best reserved bamboo forest in China. It’s elongated site in between the river bank and the expressway posted as much of a real challenge for the architects Inkmason as a source of inspiration for the design of the building form. 


ZhangYuan as a local mining corporate in Jiangxi started many years ago as a family business. Through generations of hard work and dedication to local community development, they become one of the best established and most respectful private corporate in JiangXi.

Nowadays ZhangYuan has the most complete production line of Tungsten in China, from mining raw minerals to finished products of heavy duty precision cutting tips for machineries. The design of the headquarter is a manifestation of years of experience, the company’s solid foundation to the local cultural root, and its commitment to strive for high quality products. It’s angular building form aligned with the adjacent river bank providing a panoramic river view to the interior. Its dynamic form represent the company’s confident view of its future development.


The building consist of 1 underground parking level, and 6 levels of office space, home for the Zhangyuan Holding, as well as a generously designed exhibition space on the first and second level to showcase the company’s history and culture. It provides international standard conferencing facility for exchanging new ideas on tungstenmanufacturing with their clients and partners all over the world.


The building is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2014. It will be the landmark of not only the modern Jiangxi, but also the corner stone of high-tech manufacturing in China.


Chongyi Zhangyuan Investment Holding Office Building